Love is not new in this country

My radio play is being broadcast on February 4th, at 9pm (not 9.30 as some listings state)! And then it will be available on iplayer, for 30 days. Listen to it here....

I'm really thrilled to have written it. It is based on a true story (and adapted from a book, A Night in the Emperor's Garden by Qais Akbar Omar and Stephen Landrigan; alternative title: Shakespeare in Kabul) about some very brave Afghan actors, led by a director from Paris, Corinne Jaber, who dared to put on a production of Love's Labour's Lost in Kabul in 2005 when the country was full of hope. Can this one show really, as one actor says, "challenge the whole country"?

It was a privilege to try to tell such an important story about defying tyranny and coming together to stand up for art and joy.

It is directed by the wonderful Jeremy Mortimer, produced by Joby Waldman for Reduced Listening, sound is by Alasdair McGregor and the music is by Milad Yousoufi. And this is the dream cast.

Corinne ..... Amita Dhiri
Qais ..... Nima Taleghani
Nabi ..... Philip Arditti
Parwin ..... Nathalie Armin
Breshna ..... GĂ©hane Strehler
Marina ..... Sarah Agha
Kabir ..... Paul Chahidi
Shahla ..... Jumaan Short
Tawab ..... Mustafa Aryan