Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Arabian Nights Barbie and Ken

It's not too late to get these for your Valentine.

I find these dolls, made in 1964, more surreal that anything in the Nights. Scheherezade is, according to the packaging, "absolutely ravishing in a spectacularly patterned skirt, with a matching top embellished with golden highlights. She wears pink and blue veils in her hair that spiral gracefully around her, adding an air of mystery." Sultan Ken wears "a pink tunic" (racy!) "with golden trim over billowy golden pants. A blue-and-purple sash ties at his waist and serves as a place to rest his trusty sword. His colourful turban shines with a faux ruby and is topped with a golden plume." And what a moustache he has! On which note, may I just point out that Marina Warner's excellent book on the Nights, Stranger Magic, has, pleasingly, an entire chapter on Magnificent Moustaches.

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