Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Kate Moss, this one's for you

Can it be true that Kate Moss is writing not just a cookbook but a kosher-themed cookbook? She's apparently been cooking for her boyfriend "using kosher techniques" (whatever they are) and she's already a dab hand at chicken soup and latkes. Well, it's Pesach tomorrow, so maybe she'll have a go at haroset. The Ashkenazis make it with apples but the Iraqi-Jewish version has the edge because actually looks like cement. Chop some walnuts (not too fine) and add silan (date syrup) bit by bit until it looks like you could make a brick out of it.


  1. Dear Miss Ellis

    I was very interested to see that you have started a blog site, most of which is very entertaining.

    However, I must complain strongly about your critical comments regarding silan, one of my favourite foods. Not only can you eat it on matzo, but it goes well with cake, fruit, etc. What is not to like?

    I look forward to reading a full apology on this blog, as well as receiving a free jar of silan as compensation for all of the upset you have caused.

    Yours sincerely

    D Nathan

  2. David! Things must be serious if you are resorting to calling me "Miss Ellis". Let me assure you (my judgment in no way impaired by Pesach festivities & all the wine-drinking that entails) that I totally LOVE silan. Not just in haroset but particularly with quemar/ghemar (how would you spell it? this is not a word that transliterates in any satisfactory manner) &, as you say, with cake, fruit, for snacking on at all times of day & night...honestly, you could not be a bigger silan fan than me. I promise. What I meant was I thought it was ace that our haroset looks like it's supposed to i.e. cementy. Happy Pesach!