Friday, 24 April 2009

The Herd Reich, and other headlines

Researching my play, The Last Wolf in Scotland, I met conservationists who didn't just want the wolf back but also bears, beavers, the lynx—even the walrus. There was talk of backbreeding the mighty auroch—and now the heck cattle are here. I'm loving the headlines:
In An English Field The Cattle Created By Hitler (Daily Mail)
A Shaggy Cow Story: How A Nazi Experiment Brought Extinct Aurochs to Devon (the Times)
Nazi-Bred Super Cows Roam Farm in Devon (the Guardian)
Hitler Has Only Got One Bull (And It's Alive And Well In The West Country) (the Independent)
Nazi Supercows At Devon Farm (This Is Plymouth)
Heil Heifer: The Aryan Cows Brought Back From Extinction By Nazis (the Mail again; classy)
Giant Nazi Cows On The Loose In Britain (Metro)

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  1. Very funny. I read the headlines out loud. They became surreal.
    Samantha, there is an interesting exhibition starting on the 8th May called The Real Food festival. Check it out.